Human heart simulator

Human hearth model for training cardiac-surgery skills for a simulation-based program

The project started inside the electronic engineering and industrial design classrooms from Universidad Industrial de Santander and Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Bucaramanga, Colombia) and led by the Sickkids Learning Institute (Toronto, Canada), where a group of students had the challenge of developing a device that could imitate human heart movements to further down simulate an operation room environment, where it was possible to sense and record the manipulation of the organ from both an expert surgeon and a surgery student.

The model seamlessly integrated the electronic components that allowed the imitation of an adult human heart, thus, enhancing the experience of the operation room. Furthermore, the surgery student and the expert could comfortably interact with other important elements used during surgical procedures like the stabilizing system “octopus” and the sternum retractor system. With this model was possible to train for distal and proximal coronary artery anastomosis.