Light-based 3D capture

Light-based 3D capture

Laser scanning

Passive 3D capture

Passive 3D capture


Active light-based 3D capture


A digital model is obtained using one of the most common active light-based technique: 3D scanning. For this practical exercise an object with certain complex and organic shape is chosen with the aim of producing an editable mesh that can lately be fixed in order to have a more accurate model.

The data is acquired by using a Minolta scanner and the data is managed using Polyworks and Meshmixer, tools that allows to execute diverse features such as fill holes caused by a lack of data, merge the point cloud, smooth the surface and so on until a suitable “clean” polygon file is created.

Scanned object: Toy gun
3D scanner machine: Minolta Vivid910
Post-processing software: Polyworks, Meshmixer
Render Software: Keyshot

Passive 3D Capture


Photogrammetry is the science that allows to obtain an accurate geometric measurement thanks to a set of images taken from different positions of an object of interest. For this purpose, an object with great color contrast and texture was chosen.

After taking approximately 80 pictures the post-processing was carried out on a software specialized in photo scanning and another one for the 3D rendering.

Scanned object: Billy mouth
Camera: Nikon D3100
Post-processing software: Agisoft Photoscan
3D rendering software: KeyShot