Initiate interaction with an everyday object by making it behave like a cat


Four students started an enriching journey through the world of design a couple of weeks ago here at Cologne. With just a luggage in our hands and our minds full of ideas a team with nationalities as diverse as: Israel, Portugal, Colombia and Germany gather in the new prototype workshop created by the digital agency Denkwerk.

Every year a new challenge is proposed to a young group of thinkers with the purpose of exploring new boundaries in the field of design both in the physical and digital world. After seeing the legacy our colleagues have done and being guided by an amazing interdisciplinary team, this year we have the challenge to break the glass and open our minds by refreshing the monotonous and almost frightening interaction with the “black mirror”.

We should not be taken by surprise the fast and almost out of control evolution of the interaction via screens. Everywhere go, everything we do includes a display, to the point of narrowing our senses by just using the index finger. Nevertheless our “Summer of Thinx” mentors are perfectly aware of this phenomenon and wanted to address it from an endearingly point of view and gave us the task to explore interaction through the world of pets, more precisely cats.

The expectations are great not only because is the fourth edition of "Summer of Thinx" but also because is an experience that every designer will dream of. This team is ready to “cat-ify” a daily object.


Take a look to the result

blog entry written by: Jennifer Monclou


Rita Faia
Jennifer Monclou
Michal Simon
Julian Reineck


Lucia Grompone
Ulrike Stemmer
Gregor Kuschmirz
Andrea Papenmeier

Place / Date

Denkwerk GmbH
Summer of Thinx 2017
Cologne, Germany
August 2017