Interactive Disco Ball

Data visualization through the behaviour of light and movement

Project developed for the annually conducted workshop “From mind to Reality” held at Politecnico di Milano. On this occasion the workshop aimed to explore tangible interaction through data visualization integrated in furniture objects. The interdisciplinary team of communication designers, industrial designers and electronic engineers work with the Wi-Fi Development kit “particle photon” and took data from the web-based service "If This Then That IFTTT" in order to accomplish the objective.

The protype named “Spotilights” aims to bring party engagement to another level. “Spotilights” was build and tested using Spotify as the source of interaction that resulted in a change of color of the disco ball every time the party guests added a new song to the playlist, in addition if someone uses the hasghtag #Spotilights on Instagram the ball will start spinning and the more shared hashtags the faster the disco ball will spin.


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Ghazaleh Afrahi
Pietro Chedone
Lucia Cosma
Sebastian Forero
Jennifer Monclou


Monica Bordegoni
Michele Mauri
Marina Carulli