Vacuum Cleaner

Semi-professional wet & dry vacuum cleaner developed in in collaboration with Ghibli & Wirbel SpA and Politecnico di Milano

Giving the wide range of vacuum cleaners that Ghibli & Wirbel produces this concept should belong to a family of products to be offered as a business-to-consumer transaction by adding aesthetic and functional value.

This concept aims to reduce the amount of steps performed by the end-user giving the fact that a wet and dry vacuum cleaner should be able to perform the task with both types of waste, but has the drawback of making the user execute a correct sequence of actions that can result in serious machine damage. The concept includes electro-mechanical sensory and a more efficient material for filtering either dust or liquid particles without sacrificing good aesthetics and a proper user interface.


Jennifer Monclou
Maarja Lind
Manol Dimovski


Matteo Ingaramo
Margerita Pillan
Barbara Previtali
Michele Carboni