Pasta Maker

Pasta machine concept developed in collaboration with Marcato SpA and Politecnico di Milano

Marcato SpA is a company dedicated to the manufacture of a traditional italian kitchen appliance: the pasta maker. Some features needed to be integrated in order to make a more versatile object to be used in a domestic or an industrial environment.

One of the main goals for this project was to safely integrate two features while keeping the archetype of the pasta machine, not forgetting to take into account the development of a feasible product from the point of view of material and process selection.

This concept allows an electrical or manual input for feeding the dough throughout the flattening cylinder. But this twofold feature can represent a risk if the handle is not removed when the motor is running, causing the unintentional rotation of the handle. Nevertheless, the DC motor can safely be used disrespecting of the handle status due to the clever and simple implementation of a free wheel mechanism.


Jennifer Monclou
Hanife Yildiz
Katariina Rahkola


Silvia Ferraris
Marco Meraviglia