Desktop 3D Printer - DLP Technology

Concept for a 3D printer based on the open source machine from Autodesk: Ember

Inside the MSc. Design and Engineering classroom from Politecnico di Milano we had the challenge of analyse and redefine key aspects of a desktop 3D printer that uses photosensitive resin material cured by a direct light from a projector, thus, we deconstruct the open source machine from Autodesk known as “Ember”. 

The new concept was conceived by first analysing the potentialities from a new market niche and furthermore proposing its development always considering current manufacturing processes and materials.

This concept proposed an integral solution where the user can execute not only the main 3D printing process but can easily access other post-processing modules.


Michael Barocca
Jennifer Monclou
Hanife Yildiz


Riccardo Gatti
Claudia Marano
Dagmara Siemenic